production logistics

Within the production process the raw materials pass through various stations, machinery and processes until ultimately the finished product can occur. It is very important that everything unnecessary is "at the flow" and stocks are avoided. Ideally, the product goes through all the stations without long waiting times. This reduces the processing time and the customer can get the product quickly in his hands.

The main functions of production in a manufacturing company include:

Manufacturing: This is the core function of production, where raw materials and components are transformed into finished products. It involves the physical manufacturing of goods and the conversion of materials into end products.

  • Planning and Control: This encompasses the planning of production processes, resource allocation, scheduling, and coordination of workflows. Control ensures that production runs efficiently and on schedule.
  • Quality Control: Quality control monitors production processes to ensure that the manufactured products meet quality standards. It includes inspections, testing, and the implementation of quality management systems.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of machinery and equipment is crucial to ensure smooth production operations. Regular maintenance and repairs prevent unplanned downtime.
  • Innovation Management: Production must introduce innovative technologies and processes to remain competitive. This involves researching new manufacturing methods, materials, and technologies.
  • Inventory Management: Efficient storage of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products requires effective inventory management to ensure the smooth flow of materials in production.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: Production is closely linked to logistics and the supply chain. Coordinating suppliers, transportation, and storage plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of raw materials and timely delivery of finished products.
  • Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection: Employee safety and environmental protection are central functions. This includes compliance with legal regulations, safety standards, and environmental protection measures.
  • Cost Management: Cost control in production is crucial for the company's profitability. This involves optimizing material and labor costs and avoiding waste.

These main functions of production often work closely together to ensure an efficient production process and the manufacture of high-quality products.