What is logistics?

We all experience logistics in daily life, even if only a few are aware of this fac. This is the factor that makes a good logistics. Often the importance of logistics become really aware if an error in the process is leading to delays. For example, if the sausage in the supermarket around the corner is not available for the evening barbeque party or the online mail order company does not deliver your new shoes within a few days. 


Logistics is a part of our lives, but what is really behind it? Unconsciously, we align many of our purchasing decisions on logistical criteria. We buy from this shop where we know that the sausage is on the shelf at any time or we order where we know that  the package from the online shop arrives the next morning. So the logistics has to fulfill the 6 R the task. In other words, they must ensure that

 the right goods are available
at the right
at the right
in  the right
and right
to the right


Logistics is the planning, organization, control, monitoring and optimization of material and goods flows and the associated information flows.


Logistics involves all the processes and functions of the organization, management, deployment and optimization of freight and goods flows.


Furthermore, the findings of the logistics can be applied to information, money or passenger flows.



Logistik-Info.net - What is logistics?
Logistik-Info.net - What is logistics?