spare part logistics and disposal

Another important part of the logistics is the disposal logistics. It is neglected in many cases, but is nevertheless a key component when it comes to satisfying customer needs. It is an important criterion in the context of sustainability.


Spare part logistics is another interesting topic. Here it is important that the customer gets his needed spare parts as fast as possible. Because a small defect on the smallest and inexpensive parts can lead to loss of production and cause immense damage to the company concerned. In other words, the opportunity costs are very high. That is why it is important to consider what materials and spare parts are vulnerable and which usually tend to get broke or fail. An ABC analysis of the right way to find it out. It clarifies which parts are vulnerable and will bring high failure opportunity costs. This  A - article should be stored decentralized near the customer to deliver in the event of a claim as soon as possible. Spare parts which aren't used that often can be stored central as well. It is important that in the event of a claim they can be delivered as soon as possible. The costs of transport are of secondary importance. Fast delivery, a fast repair and the resumption of normal business activities are prior.